Once there was a beautiful, five-coloured little birda mysterious giver of blessings since long, long ago.
She soared freely 'cross the heavens, and nurtured life on the blue Earth below.

One day, a Giant ? belligerent, arrogant, and mighty ? hunted the bird. Further and further
into the lush forest he chased the bird.

The fragile little bird fled ever deeper into the bush until it came to its home, a tiny jewellery box.
Once inside, it locked the cute little door of the cute little box.

The giant waited and waited and waited. One day, a lifetime, a thousand years, ten thousand years,
a million years, a billion years, an eternity.

But the bird never emerged from its jewellery box. Finally, the giant wrote a note on the door:
"Only love can open this box of treasures." And the giant turned and left. For nowhere.